About Heart Forex

We are committed to providing customers with the highest level of confidentiality of financial and investment protection. Our implementation is the most reliable financial security and improve customer management policy to secure your funds in Heart Forex.
Due to compliance reason, we are not able to accept clients from American,Japan, European Union, Hong Kong.
Our Client Support Specialists are available from 9:00 to 24:00 (Beijing time) every day, from Monday to Friday. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at support@heartforex.com
Our prices are provided by our liquidity providers.

Account Opening • Other Procedures

Heart Forex provides Swap Interest Account (MT4-Standard Account, MT4-VIP Account, MT4−Premier Account),Swap Free Account, Manager Account. Click here for more information.
It only takes a few minutes to open a live account with Heart Forex, visit the website homepage:https://www.heartforex.com. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of our friendly Client Service Representatives if you have any further queries.
We require your identification documents and proof of residence for personal account verification purpose. For all the Corporate account application and who live in outside Japan, Hong Kong, we require the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, and Certificate of Incumbency. (We may be required for different documents for different countries's clients. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can email us your documentations at support@heartforex.com, or you can upload those documentations through your Client My-Page.
It only takes a few minutes for you to submit an online application. If all required documentation are provided to us, your trading account will be opened within 1 business day.
Different types of account, different minimum initial deposit amount. Click here or contact our friendly Client Service Representatives for more information.
Heart Forex does not charge any commissions.
Yes, we provide demo account for client. Our demo and live platforms are the same. You can gain a better understanding of our products and platforms by trading on a demo account which uses live account rates. Please download our MT4 platform to create demo account.
You can apply for different types accounts with Heart Forex. Click here to login to the Client My-Page to submit the application.
To reset your password, please contact our friendly Client Service Representatives via live chat.
To change your personal information, click this link and submit the application. We will update you via email very soon.
To close your live account with Heart Forex, please contact our friendly Client Service Representatives via live chat or email us. We will process your request shortly.
The following base account currencies are available when you open an account with us - USD, JPD. Your account balance will be displayed in the base currency you chose.

Trading Account

No, you do not need to deposit straight away, however access to live trading is only available upon funding of your account.
Heart Forex offer various currency pairs. You can find more details about our Forex products on our website.
Heart Forex allows trading of 0.01 lot on the currency pairs.
Heart Forex does not charge any commissions.
A margin requirement is the deposit to open a CFD position. This is not a fee or a transaction cost, it is simply a portion of your account equity set aside and allocated as a margin deposit. Margin requirements can vary depending on the market you are trading and the size of your trade.
An order that serves to automatically exit a position when the price reaches a specific point. Take Profits are placed to capture any profits for a client whereas Stop Losses are used predominantly for risk minimization.
Swap is the interest paid or earned for holding a position overnight based on the difference between the interest rates of two countries. Each Currency or CFD has an interest rate associated with it, which can cause extra profit or cost to your trade.
Orders will be filled at the nearest market price. Sometimes, this may be worse than the price you requested. This is called slippage. Slippage is possible on all orders during times such as when Heart Forex is closed, around news announcements, and at times of extreme market volatility.
Gap, that is also known as the price gap, there is a disconnect between the highest price refers to the exchange rate fluctuations in the fast curves and the lowest curve. In the foreign exchange market, gap refers to the phenomenon of the market which price of the transaction price jump up and down. Clear upward trend is an important symbol of the beginning of the upward trend, the larger trend upward gap indicates that more clear. There are several forms gap:
1. Generality Gap
Not much help to predict trends, you can ignore it. It always happen when there are few trade or the narrow amplitude.
2. Breakthrough Gap
Generally occurs when trading volume is large, the important price has been breakthrough or new large fluctuations began. When the exchange rate is extremely erratic and away from the original price, it shows the real breakthrough began. Therefore, the gap more erratic the more intense volatility.
3. Substained Gap
Continuous occurrence of two or more times in order to reflect market trading volume in the middle of the smooth development. Rising (or falling) trend, these gap will be the support (resistance) area in the future market adjustments. Because this gap group is generally appear in the middle of the whole trend, it can trade with the rule that it will double amplitude along the rise (or fall) direction in the future rise (or fall).
4. Expendable gap
Expendable gap, also known as decline gap, generally appear at the end of the trend, it is also the forebode of rapid rise (or fall). So the market will getting better in a subsequent turn. The gap always appear after the Generality Gap and the Breakthrough Gap is appeared, and when it is filled, the trend is on the decline of the break, then should take active measures to avoid losses.
There are no restrictions on available Expert Advisors.But Heart Forex assumes no liability for loss attributable to the use of Expert Advisors on the MetaTrader 4 software.
It is the client’s responsibility to monitor their positions at all times. Heart Forex is not committed to making margin calls. You will be notified on your platform screen that terminal data line will turn red when your Account Value drops to 100% of the Required Margin. You may choose to make further deposits into your trading account. Once your Account Value falls to or below 30% of the Required Margin, we will liquidate your positions starting with those that are losing the most against the market. You cannot rely on Heart Forex to close out your positions for you. We encourage our clients to have exit strategies and stop loss orders set in place to help protect them against potential market movements. Stop losses are not guaranteed and may be subject to slippage during volatile market conditions.
Your account will get liquidated if the account balance is below our margin requirement, which is 30% with Heart Forex.

Deposit • Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount depends on your type of account. Your funds will be transfer into your general account after your deposit being confirmed. And you can transfer your funds into any trading account you hold arbitrarily if you need.
There are no restrictions on minimum balance.
Different types of account, different minimum initial deposit amount. Click here or contact our friendly Client Service Representatives for more information.
Deposit by bank transfer are free of charge. It may take additional charges for deposit by other methods, click here for more details. You may need to consult with your bank for any fees or additional charges which they may have charged on this transaction while utilising their services.
A bank charge of $25 USD is applicable for each withdrawal to international bank accounts. It may take additional charges for withdrawal by other methods, click here for more details. You may need to consult with your bank for any fees or additional charges which they may have charged on this transaction while utilising their services.
The bank account currency you deposit to Heart Forex must be match with your trading account base currency.
Heart Forex cannot deposit funds to third parties. All money withdrawn from your account must go to a bank account in the same name as your Heart Forex trading account. All withdrawal requests will be processed according to the funds' source of origination. For example, if a deposit was made via credit card, up to the same amount of funds would be sent back to your credit card when you request a withdrawal. Any additional profits you have made on top of the deposited amount will be transferred to your nominated bank account under the same name.
Your deposits will be converted to the base currency by the real time rate.
Please do not hesitate to contact any one of our Client Service Representatives if you have any issues about withdrawal.

Trading Platforms

Heart Forex provides the most popular trading platform for clients - MT4. Furthermore, Heart Forex is proud to support the MetaQuotes iPhone application.
We have mobile trading apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.
We have MT4 Webtrader available, you can login with your MT4 login credentials.
You need a Heart Forex trading account and a windows-based computer to install the Heart Forex MetraTrader 4 (MT4) software. If you have any inquiry when installing or visiting, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our trading platforms are based on GMT time.


We are welcomed Introducing Broker (IB) to join in Heart Forex. It can receive generous commissions for introducing new clients to Heart Forex.
Heart Forex provides the Front and Back Office Solutions Service to the Licensed Financial Institutions, such as banks and broker dealers. Heart Forex can establish an Online Trading Platform in the largest financial market for white label partners.

Other Questions

All non-US dollar deposits will be converted into USD. When you request withdrawal, Heart Forex will follow the market exchange rates for the respective customers' exchange currencies. Customer agrees that Heart Forex will be providing by the market exchange rate.
In the case where a customer's trading balance reaches 30% of original margin in, the system will automatically set a stop loss and close all open trades until margin balance goes back above 30%. There are cases where there is high volatility and even with stop loss set in place, customer's trading balance can fall into the negative. Heart Forex will not bear responsibility for any negative margin due to high volatility movements.