At Heart Forex, we prepare different types of trading accounts for the different needs of investors.

  • Premier Account
    an account type with minimum spread setting for those large- volume trading investors.
  • Standard Account
    an account type providing well-balanced conditions which meets the needs of most investors.
  • Challenge Account
    an account type for those aggressive investors who would like to maximize the profit by minimum capital.
  • Swap Free account
    an account type without swap interest, which is also user-friendly to Muslim investors.

For those investors who would also act as managing trader, providing a trading environment for their client, we have prepared the following choices:

  • MAM (Muti Account Management)
    Manage trade allocation across multiple trading accounts simultaneously, place orders across client accounts keeping focused on their strategy and management.
    FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API (application programming interface) is an electronic communications protocol for financial information exchange. Allow communication between clients, traders, investment fund, or brokers and a liquidity provider.
  • White Label solution
    Allows you to establish your own independent forex brokerage business, can be adapted to your specific needs and tailored to suite your preferences.